Language Arts

inspiring students to be authors

In the Writing Program at Matheia School students are encouraged to view themselves as authors. Through a series of imaginative units, students learn to write in the genres of letter writing, poetry, comedy, mystery, fairy tales and stories of their own creation. These works are artfully bound, shared with fellow classmates, published in our newsletters, or displayed for our parents and visitors to enjoy.

A balanced approach to language arts ensures that students express themselves creatively, while learning the necessary tools of grammar and spelling. As students progress through each grade, they gain the appropriate skills to be independent writers.

Our youngest students begin their process by dictating stories and letters. They quickly gain confidence in their abilities, which grows into a genuine interest in writing. As they learn letter sounds and handwriting, students develop their emergent writing skills.

In the middle grades, students write their assignments with guidance. They are introduced to common spelling words, word families and classroom resources to edit their writing. Grammar conventions assist students in becoming fluent authors.

As students transition into the upper grades, they continue the creative process, while preparing for middle school challenges. Story writing is still the main focus of the program, but formal paragraph and essay writing are introduced and developed in the curriculum.

Every unit contains creativity and active involvement by the students. There are cooperative projects, games, discussion, art and activities to enrich the experience of writing. Our students are enthusiastic about what they learn, and are proud of their accomplishments.