widening our breadth & depth

Electives help to integrate, expand, and apply children's skills and knowledge. They are an opportunity to explore subjects that students and teachers have an interest in exploring in-depth. Electives change monthly. Teachers decide which electives they will teach. It is at this time that we offer Spanish. Students have Spanish twice during the school year. Elective classes taught cover a broad range of subjects. These have included classes like music, drama, dance, puppets, cooking, crafts, indoor and outdoor sports and games, and in-depth explorations of high interest subjects such as owls, myths, presidents, and cartooning.  They also include classes that teach strategy (chess), handcrafts like needlework, or sewing, and classes that develop physical skills like hula hooping or jumping rope. Students are able to select their afternoon class from the electives offered. Mixed age electives are also an opportunity for students to interact with different age groups broadening their social skills and enhancing their sense of community.


Our Community

where we belong

Incorporated in our day are activities that allow us to give to the greater community. We believe that building good citizens begins when children are young. It is never too early to start helping children develop responsibility, a sense of belonging, and an awareness of the world around them.