Our Philosophy

of respect and personal attention

Our school is founded on a respect for children. We believe that it is not only our small class size and personalized instruction, but also the size of the school itself that promotes optimum learning and a sense of community. At the heart of everything we do at Matheia are the children - their needs, their dreams, their learning, and their joy.

Mission: To spark the imagination, intellect, and community spirit of children in order that they will carry the joys of learning and of social involvement well beyond the classroom.

Our Teachers

are subject matter experts

Matheia School uses a specialist approach. We have math, science, art, social studies and writing teachers. Because reading is essential to all disciplines, all of our students begin their day in Reading classes. They then proceed to daily Art, Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts classes. Our curriculum also includes physical education, outdoor education, technology, music, dance, cooking, and foreign-language experiences.

Our teachers' enthusiasm for their chosen subjects is contagious; Matheia School is a place where children can experience the joy of learning. Our approach is child-centered, with the emphasis on hands-on participatory activities.