is the foundation

Reading is the foundation of education at Matheia. Our goal is that children see themselves as readers, and learn to love reading. All children begin their day in reading groups, which are organized by ability, not age.

Emergent Readers
Our goal for these children is that they begin to see themselves as readers and become excited about books. Teachers use a wide variety of teaching methods, including whole language and phonics. Individually tailored tools expand the ability of the teacher to hold each child's interest and reinforce lessons.

Beginning Readers
Beginning readers start every day listening to a story and then discussing the author, the author's style, and the genre. Next, children move into small reading groups of 3 or 4 children where they read aloud with an adult. As the children's reading ability improves, he or she is given increasingly challenging materials.

Independent Readers
These students read and comprehend more challenging books. Students develop higher-level thinking skills while gaining an appreciation for the richness and subtlety of language. Children learn to follow multiple plot lines and analyze characters. Class book discussions teach children to develop their own opinions.